COMBAT REPORT is a fast moving, hard-hitting original television series set in Europe during World War II
(France 1944, D-Day+60). Before the Green Berets… before SEAL Team 6… on executive order from President Roosevelt, Lt. Dwight Dakks leads an elite squad of soldiers on covert, life and death missions behind enemy lines.
THEIR MISSION… To accomplish the impossible, at any cost.
THEIR SPECIALITY… Unconventional warfare.
THEIR EXISTENCE… Disavowed by the President.

Meet the Cast

Dakks Lt. Dwight Dakks

Dakks’ reputation precedes him. Nobody knows where the myths end and the man begins. Dakks has earned the reputation of being dangerous and reckless with the lives of the men in his unit. To the upper brass, he has earned the reputation of a strategic leader who thinks outside the box and produces miraculous results.

Played by Robert McKeehen

Robert McKeehen has appeared in NBC’s Grimm, and as a recurring guest star in TNT’s Leverage. His film credits include starring roles in several features.


Cpt. Milton Jackson

The cunning West Point graduate Milton Jackson will let nothing stop him on his climb through the ranks. Brilliant, but lacking battle experience, he is constantly put at odds with Dakks and his battlefield achievements.

Played by Greg James

Greg James has starred in a variety of feature-films but is most recognized for his recent comedic role as The Captain in the viral on-line smash hit Star Drunk (2013). He can be seen in Fox Searchlight’s upcoming Wild (2014), starring Reese Witherspoon and directed by Dallas Buyer’s Club (2013)’s Jean-Marc Vallee.


Col. Ira Dailey

Colonel Ira Dailey is a straight-talking, straight-shooting, career military man of few words. When he does speak, his words say volumes as they most often carry the weight of orders that come straight from the President.

Played by Glen Baggerly

Glen Baggerly is a veteran actor whose TV credits include Grimm, Leverage, Nowhere Man and many other Guest star, feature film and commercial roles.


Cpl. Walter Seleski

Walter Seleski joined the Army after the tragic loss of his wife and child. Blaming himself for their deaths, he carries the guilt of that incident like an albatross around his neck, causing him to second guess his decisions at every turn.

Played by Grant Alan Ouzts

Grant Alan Ouzts established himself as an actor with roles on such hit television shows as Lie to Me, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Cold Case, and The Wizards of Waverly Place. Ouzts can be seen on the big screen in the upcoming horror film MUCK and starring opposite Sung Kang in EDEN.


Sgt. Clyde Adams

Sgt. Clyde Adams is a hard charging force to be reckoned with. Though he can be unpredictable and temperamental, his loyalty to his unit and his men is unmatched. Although witty and sarcastic, he can quickly cross over to a much darker side.

Played by Brad Schmidt

Brad Schmidt (Sgt. Clyde Adams) has starred in numerous television shows including Summerland, House of Lies, stalkTALK and CSI:NY.  His feature-film credits include Meet Bill starring Aaron Eckhart, 1968 Tunnel Rats and the upcoming, Eden.


Sgt. Erik O’Malley

Cpl. O’Malley is quiet and patient. Traits that serve him well in his sharpshooting skills and providing balance within the unit. He is calm under pressure unless he drinks. It takes a lot to light his fuse but if it’s lit, he is like a powder keg.

Played by Joshua St. James

Joshua St. James (Cpl. Erik O’Malley) has worked on several independent films, including the recently released SEAL Patrol and has guest starred on TNT’s Leverage and NBC’s Grimm.


Pfc. Victor Wells, III

Pvt. Wells grew up as the privileged son of a US Senator. Playing football at “Ole’ Miss” with Adams and O’Malley, Wells followed his friends when they enlisted, much to the dismay of his Senator father.  Always trying to prove himself, Pvt. Wells sometimes gets in over his head.

Played by Phillip Abraham

Phillip Abraham (Pfc. Victor Wells, III) is a screenwriter and actor based in Los Angeles, CA. He won the MTV Exit/UNICEF award for writing and editing the documentary Volviendo about sex trafficking in Latin America. He can be seen in the Keira Knightly and Chloe Grace Moretz feature Laggies.


Pfc. George W. Driscol

Pfc. Driscol had a difficult childhood. He masks his fears and inner struggles with humor, often providing comic relief for the unit when circumstances become too stressful. But when it comes to his job as the unit’s sniper, the results of his aim are as deadly as his attitude.

Played by Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson is an exciting newcomer to the screen.  A prolific theatre and Improv actor that has been acting since an early age. He brings his many talents to his debut screen performance as Pfc. Driscol.


Elise Chappelle

After the loss of her family, Chappelle found her place fighting in the French Resistance. Using her beauty and cunning she has become a thorn in the side of the German occupiers as she aids the Allies in their quest for victory.

Played by Suzanne Tufan

Suzanne Tufan (Elise Chappelle) began acting at the age of 12 and can be seen in TNT’s Leverage and NBC’s Grimm.  She has a starring role in the independent feature Population: 2.  Suzanne is also a prolific songwriter and currently sings and writes for her band, A Year Afar.


Obersturmbannfüher Maximilian Künstler

Maximilian Künstler is with SD German High Command and charged with security for all Nazi “special projects,” projects that Dakks has been tasked with eliminating.  Ruthless and cold blooded, Künstler would like nothing more than to see Dakks and his men destroyed and will use any means necessary to ensure their demise.

Played by Colby Dahlstrom

Colby Dahlstrom, a relative newcomer to the screen, was offered a theatrical scholarship to Washington State University after his performance in the Lyle Kessler play, Orphans.  Colby is also an award-winning contemporary painter whose work has been featured in galleries and magazines.